Walls, Steps, & Piers 1

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Walls, steps, & piers

NCMA Certified – We’re up-to-date with techinques & practices.
We install walls and piers for your needs, from sitting walls, retaining walls, landscaping walls, bars, mailboxes, piers for lighting, and more. These different types of walls and piers will give your home a more welcoming and inviting look, as well as increase the style and perspective. Step Tread give a natural look, with the correct dimensions that are needed for each job. It creates a warm safe welcoming into your home or through your walkway.


No matter what project you have in mind (big or small), we have the experience, skills, and lawn equipment necessary to get the job done beautifully and efficiently. You can count on us.

Expert Landscapers

Our expert and experienced landscapers specialize in integrating the perfect blend of trees, shrubs, boulders, perennials, and more to add color and beauty to each and every landscaping project.


Pappas Landcare is a certified pesticide applicator issued by the PA Department of Agriculture in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and governed by the Pennsylvania Pesticide Control Act.
Walls, Steps, & Piers 1

You may be asking yourself

Why would I want a wall?

Increase home aesthetic

Prevent Soil Erosion

Flood Control

Additional Structural Support

Adds Property Value

Walls, Steps, & Piers 1

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