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ICPI Certified &

Permiable Paver Certified

Let your walkway and patio be inviting to you and your guest to your house and outdoor living style. We offer all different types of pavers and flagstone. Some brands that we use are Belgard, Techo- Bloc and Nicoloc. When selecting the right paver there are many different factors that are involve, which are color, texture, style, size, durability, and more. Through our company we sell paver products that have a Lifetime Warranty through the brand company. We as a company sell the idea that pavers work better with the North East weather, due to the different types of seasons and allows us to go back and repair any problems that may occur.


No matter what project you have in mind (big or small), we have the experience, skills, and lawn equipment necessary to get the job done beautifully and efficiently. You can count on us.

Expert Landscapers

Our expert and experienced landscapers specialize in integrating the perfect blend of trees, shrubs, boulders, perennials, and more to add color and beauty to each and every landscaping project.


Pappas Landcare is a certified pesticide applicator issued by the PA Department of Agriculture in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and governed by the Pennsylvania Pesticide Control Act.
Walkways & Patios 1

Walkways & Patios

Adds style to your Outdoor Living:

Vehicle friendly pavers

Pedestrian Walkways

Multiple Styles & Designs

Walkways & Patios 1

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